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The 360° Walk-Thru for the University of Economics offers a fully immersive virtual tour, allowing prospective students, visitors, and stakeholders to explore the campus from anywhere in the world. Utilizing advanced 360° photography and VR technology, this virtual tour provides a detailed and interactive experience of the university’s facilities, classrooms, auditoriums, and other significant areas. Users can navigate through the campus, get a feel for the environment, and access additional information about various locations, making it a comprehensive tool for virtual campus exploration.




What we did

Strategy, Design, Development






University wants to bring potential students even closer to a real visit.

  • Immersive Experience: Explore the campus in a 360° virtual environment.
  • Interactive Navigation: Move freely through different areas of the university.
  • Detailed Views: High-quality 360° photography of facilities and surroundings.
  • Informative Hotspots: Access additional information and insights about specific locations.
  • Accessible Anywhere: Available on multiple devices for global access.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Provides a realistic feel of the university environment.
  • Comprehensive Overview: Ideal for prospective students and visitors to understand campus life.

The world may seem a little less real to your customer these days. With 360° it is clear again.


Our task was to create a 360° view of certain rooms and spaces in the university and add some interesting and fun texts to each of them. Then put it all together and deliver a wonderful 360° presentation of our beloved university.


The shooting itself took 3 days to execute and was shot on our own 360° degree camera. Afterwards, we post-processed the 360° scenes. With these polished scenes we created an overall experience through interactive points from icons to the actual content.

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