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Metaversify’s 3D Visualization technology revolutionizes data presentation and analysis by transforming complex data sets into dynamic and interactive 3D models. This innovative approach allows businesses to visualize financial metrics, operational performance, and strategic insights in a more intuitive and engaging manner. The 3D visualizations enhance decision-making by providing a clearer understanding of data relationships and trends, making it easier for stakeholders to identify key insights and drive informed actions.



What we did



VR, 3D Scans



Make the whole experience more real.

  • Interactive 3D Models: Engage with data in a dynamic three-dimensional space.
  • Enhanced Understanding: Simplify complex data sets for better insights.
  • Improved Decision-Making: Facilitate strategic analysis and planning.
  • Customizable Views: Tailor visualizations to specific business needs.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy navigation and interaction with data.
  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for various industries and business functions.

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We were responsible for the optimization and integration of the drones’ scans into Oculus Quest.


We started with an analysis of scans, then came the process of optimization and repairing of 3D models, and testing and implementation of interactions. With the final VR experience, we delivered a brand new system of Unity Addressables that allows remote changes in real time.

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