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VirtuaSurge: Revolutionizing Surgical Precision with Mixed Reality

Experience the Future of Surgery with VirtuaSurge

VirtuaSurge is transforming the landscape of medical procedures through advanced mixed reality technologies. This pioneering platform utilizes high-end mixed reality headsets, like the Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest 3, to provide an unprecedented level of precision and control in complex surgeries. Developed specifically for the medical community in the UK and globally, VirtuaSurge is setting new standards in healthcare innovation.





What we did

Design, Development


Smartphone, Tablet


Inspire action through immersive AR experiences.

Key Features

  • Enhanced Visual Precision: VirtuaSurge uses real-time 3D imaging to give surgeons a comprehensive view of the surgical field, surpassing traditional methods and reducing risks associated with complex operations.
  • Interactive Training: Equip the next generation of surgeons with hands-on, immersive training scenarios that mimic real-life operations, enhancing their skills without the risks of traditional training methods.
  • Real-Time Collaboration: Allows multiple specialists to join the operating room virtually from anywhere in the world, fostering a collaborative environment that leverages collective expertise for critical procedures.
  • Patient Safety: By integrating mixed reality, VirtuaSurge minimizes the invasiveness of surgeries and enhances recovery times, contributing to overall patient safety and satisfaction.
  • Customizable Modules: Tailor the VirtuaSurge experience to fit a wide range of specialties and procedures, ensuring that every surgeon has the tools they need to succeed.
  • Data Integration and Privacy: Seamlessly integrates with existing medical systems while ensuring the highest standards of data security and patient privacy.

Use AR for immersive education on global issues, inspiring action for change.


The biggest challenge was designing a creative that not only reflected the movement’s core idea but also engaged and educated people about the cause effectively.


Thanks to the street artist Chemist, we were able to create a filter that not only brought out the deeper symbolism of the mural but also utilized immersive storytelling to highlight the importance of the cause.

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