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Augmented Reality (AR) Merch elevates traditional merchandise by adding interactive digital elements, creating a unique and engaging experience for customers. AR technology allows brands to enhance physical products with virtual content, such as 3D animations, videos, and interactive features, accessible through smartphones or AR glasses. This innovative approach not only captures customer attention but also increases engagement and brand loyalty. AR Merch is versatile, applicable to clothing, accessories, and promotional items, and provides valuable analytics to track customer interactions and preferences.




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Elevate your brand with AR.

  • Interactive Elements: Integrate 3D animations, videos, and interactive content.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Create memorable experiences that captivate customers.
  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for clothing, accessories, and promotional items.
  • Brand Loyalty: Increase customer engagement and brand loyalty.
  • Easy Access: Accessible through smartphones or AR glasses.
  • Customization: Tailor AR content to specific products and branding.
  • Analytics: Track customer interactions and preferences.
  • Innovative Marketing: Stand out with cutting-edge technology.
  • Scalable Solutions: Implement across various merchandise.
  • Increased Reach: Expand audience reach with engaging AR content.

Step into the future and leave memorable impression with AR merch!


We had the challenge of bringing plain hoodie designs to life for the Škodaverse x LTD.INC Hoodie digital release. Our goal was to create unique visuals that resonated with the limitless and rule-free nature of the Metaverse, all while standing out in a highly competitive field of entries in the Škodaverse community competition.


Our creative team met the challenge, crafting designs inspired by the unpredictability and creativity of tire marks on the road. The resulting chaotic stripe patterns perfectly embodied the free-spirited fun of the Metaverse. To bring these designs to life, we created an AR filter that activates the hoodies, creating an immersive, interactive experience for the owners. The combination of intricate 2D designs and innovative AR technology resulted in us winning the competition and the opportunity to produce these exclusive NFT pieces.

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