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AR face filters are a popular augmented reality solution that utilizes face tracking algorithms and a 3D rendering engine to display the AR filter in the way the user sees it. The combination of these two technologies makes filters that are not only amusing and immersive but also well adjusted to the face of the user. For this reason, they have become immensely popular on social media. They are used mainly for entertainment purposes, but many brands and companies have employed this for their marketing purposes.


Virtual try-on enables users to envision how the product they wish to buy would look on them or in their homes. This solution could be used for clothes, jewelry, makeup, furniture, and many other products. Lack of ability to try on clothes is a big downside of online shopping, resulting in an increased number of returns which are a big cost for the brands. The possibility to try on the products virtually without the need to go to a physical store combines the best features of virtual and physical shopping, which is why it has been adopted by a great number of big brands already.


AR filters including mini-games for social media take AR filters for social media a step further. The users are captivated by the game and thus spend more time on the filter than with the regular AR filters. Metrics prove this also since there is a much higher engagement rate with game-based AR filters over other types of filters. Each brand can utilize this solution with a mini-game created for their audience specifically and thus boost their new products and services.


Randomizers might be one of the most popular AR filters on social media at the time. Unlike regular AR filters which just add a special effect to users’ faces, these filters have a specific topic and a few options, out of which one appears as the answer. It’s usually used with a “Which XY are you” question or “Guess XY” and it’s safe to say the audience loves it. This type of filter is highly engaging and easily sharable, with a simple concept that can be used in almost every industry.


Image trackers AR filter can be used to trigger an effect when the camera is pointed at an image in the real world. Target tracking AR filter is the perfect example of augmented reality since it combines the object from real life and gives it a new interface created with our imagination. It gives the creators a chance to play with the things around them, and the brands a chance to give new life to their products. Applying the tracker to the object can be used as pure entertainment or a tool to explain the product.


World effects add virtual objects into real-world environments. They are accessible using the back camera, and they place objects in a fixed position in someone’s environment, instead of relative to the camera’s view and movement. These effects are changing the world, or at least our perspective of it. They usually focus on a blank plane and create a 3D image in the space in front of the user. In this way, it becomes a part of our visual environment.


AR portals are a fantastic way to immerse AR users in a new world the developers create. Camera sets a virtual doorway on a horizontal plane, which transports users into a new realm. This allows for endless creativity and opportunities for marketing. Basically, any message the marketers want to communicate is possible. It can be used to display a new product, evoke emotions related to products, or simply promote your brand image.

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