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The AR Music App dedicated to Antonín Dvořák brings classical music into the modern age using Augmented Reality (AR) technology. This app offers an immersive way to experience Dvořák’s compositions by overlaying digital content onto physical environments. Users can enjoy interactive performances, explore 3D models of instruments, and learn about the composer’s life and works in an engaging manner. This innovative approach makes classical music accessible and enjoyable for all ages, enhancing appreciation and understanding through interactive and educational features.




What we did

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Augmented reality can combine educational content with visual and sound elements to create a unique immersive experience based on storytelling.

  • Immersive Performances: Experience Dvořák’s music in an interactive AR setting.
  • 3D Instrument Models: Explore detailed, virtual models of classical instruments.
  • Educational Content: Learn about Dvořák’s life, works, and musical impact.
  • Interactive Learning: Engage with music theory and composition techniques.
  • Customizable Experiences: Tailor the AR content to personal preferences.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Make classical music more accessible and enjoyable.
  • Cross-Platform Access: Available on various devices for wide accessibility

Let's use augmented reality to create an immersive educational and entertaining experience!


This unique solution aims to create the maximum user-friendly interface for an AR application that combines sound and visual effects to create an unforgettable experience for the user. This experience fully immerses the user into the world of exceptional artist Antonin Dvorak.


We created the Rise of Sounds music AR app, which presents sound in augmented reality, automatically reacts to visitors’ location, and provides them with information about their surroundings paired with the sound of Dvorak’s compositions.

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