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ŠKODA’s AR Presentation of Electromobility offers an innovative and engaging way to explore the future of electric vehicles. Utilizing Augmented Reality (AR) technology, this presentation overlays digital content onto physical environments, allowing users to interact with 3D models, animations, and detailed information about ŠKODA’s electric vehicles and technologies. This immersive experience educates and informs users about the benefits and features of electromobility in an interactive and memorable manner.




What we did

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A VR/AR solution which works on all devices, optimized for your product.

  • Interactive 3D Models: Explore electric vehicles in detail.
  • Dynamic Animations: Visualize the workings of electric technology.
  • Educational Content: Learn about the benefits and features of electromobility.
  • Immersive Experience: Engage with AR content in real-world settings.
  • User-Friendly Access: Compatible with smartphones and AR glasses.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Captivate and inform audiences interactively.
  • Real-Time Updates: Easily update and customize AR content.

"They have definitely huge know-how of VR/AR app development"


Since this project was executed in a very specific environment with lots of lights and reflections, we could not use the standard process for scanning and had to experiment with multiple approaches and their combinations. 


Our client was eager to use AR technologies in the presentation process across their showrooms.  We proposed a solution that uniquely combined a hardware and software approach, offering precise and stable tracking functionality. The new app was optimized for the ŠKODA ENYAQ. 

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