Dynamic brand launch event on Roblox, featuring custom virtual environments and interactive experiences tailored for audience engagement

Brand Launch in Roblox

Step into the future of brand interaction with our Roblox Experience Creation services. At Metaversify, we harness the power of Roblox to launch your brand into a virtual world where creativity knows no bounds. Our tailored Roblox experiences offer a dynamic way to connect with audiences, enhance brand visibility, and create memorable interactions through customized virtual environments.

What we did

Design, Development



  • Customized Virtual Environments: Design unique spaces that resonate with your brand’s identity and appeal to Roblox’s diverse user base.
  • Interactive Brand Activations: Engage users with interactive elements that make your brand’s presence on Roblox not just seen, but experienced.
  • Global Reach and Accessibility: Connect with a global audience from the comfort of their digital devices, expanding your brand’s reach beyond traditional boundaries.
  • Strategic Brand Collaborations: Leverage Roblox’s platform to collaborate with other brands and creators, enhancing your visibility and impact.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Utilize Roblox’s analytics tools to gain insights into user engagement and behavior, helping you refine and optimize your brand strategy.


77.7M users, 2.4 hrs daily. Only on Roblox.

Enable users with actual digital ownership, seamlessly blending the digital and physical worlds.


  • Massive and Diverse Audience
  • Immersive and Interactive Brand Experiences
  • Enhanced Engagement and Interactivity
  • Innovative Marketing Opportunities
  • Highly Customizable Content
  • Global Reach
  • Data-Driven Insights for Strategy Refinement
  • Community and Loyalty Building
  • Cost-Effectiveness


  • Customizable Virtual Spaces
  • Interactive User Experiences
  • Avatar Customization Options
  • Live Virtual Events
  • Built-in Social Integration
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Virtual Goods and Monetization
  • Global Accessibility
  • Robust Safety and Moderation

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