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RIZLLY enhances the in-store experience by integrating technology and personalized service to create a seamless and engaging shopping environment. Their approach includes interactive digital displays, AR product visualization, and smart fitting rooms that allow customers to virtually try on clothes and accessories. The store layout is designed to maximize customer convenience and engagement, featuring easy navigation, personalized recommendations, and a variety of immersive experiences that make shopping enjoyable and efficient.




What we did

Design, Development





Designed and developed in 1 month.

  • Interactive Displays: Engage customers with dynamic digital content.
  • AR Visualization: Virtual try-ons for clothing and accessories.
  • Smart Fitting Rooms: Enhance the try-on experience with technology.
  • Personalized Recommendations: Tailored suggestions based on customer preferences.
  • Seamless Navigation: Easy-to-navigate store layout.
  • Engaging Environment: Immersive and enjoyable shopping experiences.
  • Integrated Technology: Utilize advanced tech for a modern shopping experience.

The game had a successful launch and received positive feedback from internal stakeholders.


Aside from a tight deadline, there were many challenges: kinect tracking – especially of occluded foot – during ball kicking, calculation of speed and direction of kicked ball, goalie reaction to the ball and overall logic and kinect implementation.


Kinect AR app, where movement is mapped into an in-game avatar in a completely customized 3D world. The project was delivered within the month with successful installation in Paris.

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