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ČSOB’s Virtual Experience leverages advanced digital technologies to create an immersive and interactive environment for customers and stakeholders. This platform enables users to explore financial products and services in a virtual setting, providing a comprehensive understanding through 3D visualizations, interactive demos, and real-time data integration. The virtual experience enhances customer engagement, supports remote consultations, and offers a dynamic way to present complex financial information.




What we did

Design, Development





A beautifully rendered virtual space to make you feel at home.

Let us unlock your imagination with unique and innovative ways of presenting your projects.


Our challenge was to incorporate a feeling of comfort and accessibility within the framework of a functional and informative application. The priority was to create a seamless user experience and at the same time provide something our clients had never seen before. We wanted to use our imaginations to present a unique solution to the concept of virtual assistants.


The resulting project incorporated many complex details, including a fully rendered environment, info points, embedded videos, voice activations and more. Users are able to hear, see, click and read information at various locations as they move through the space. We had to add a little element and decided to incorporate a cute sleeping dog – just the perfect touch for this cozy and functional space!

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