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Metaversify’s Virtual Fashion Show offers an immersive and interactive way to experience the latest fashion collections from the comfort of your home. Utilizing advanced AR and VR technology, this platform allows viewers to watch live-streamed runway shows, explore 3D models of clothing, and even try on outfits virtually. The virtual fashion show aims to provide a realistic and engaging experience, making high fashion accessible to a broader audience and enhancing customer engagement through innovative technology.



What we did

Strategy, Design





In 1 week we created this extensive project and delivered the final outcome.

  • Live-Streamed Runway Shows: Watch fashion shows in real-time.
  • 3D Clothing Models: Explore detailed virtual representations of the latest collections.
  • Virtual Try-On: Use AR to see how outfits look on you.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Interactive and immersive viewing experience.
  • Accessible Anywhere: Join the fashion show from any device.
  • Innovative Technology: Utilizes AR and VR for a cutting-edge fashion experience.
  • Personalized Experience: Tailored recommendations and interactions.


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Fashion Show that people could watch from anywhere in the world.


The biggest challenge was time and motion reflection. We had only one week to create this extensive project and deliver the final outcome in the Ultra Definition format for Prague Fashion Week. Every dress was very unique in terms of features, curves and materials.


The process itself is part of our internal know-how but we are more than willing to share it with any potential client that wants to go a step further from simple image and video formats.

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