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The Virtual Showroom for jewelry by Metaversify provides an innovative platform for showcasing exquisite jewelry collections in an immersive and interactive digital environment. Utilizing advanced 3D visualization and AR technology, this showroom allows customers to explore, try on, and experience jewelry pieces in a realistic setting. Brands can display their collections with detailed representations, enhancing customer engagement and offering a convenient, modern shopping experience.



What we did

Design, Development


VR, Virtual Showroom



High class luxury showrooms for your products.

  • 3D Visualization: Detailed and lifelike representations of jewelry pieces.
  • Virtual Try-On: Experience jewelry on yourself using AR.
  • Interactive Exploration: Browse and interact with collections virtually.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Captivates customers with immersive experiences.
  • Real-Time Customization: Modify and personalize jewelry pieces.
  • Convenient Access: Available on multiple devices for easy access.
  • Innovative Shopping: Modernizes the shopping experience with cutting-edge technology.

Interactive showrooms where you can virtually engage with your customers in a memorable way.


 – Higher conversion rate

 – Lower bounce rate

 – Greater imagination

 – Stronger storytelling

 – More interaction 

 – Better Customer Experience

 – Access to analytics

 – High focus on V-commerce

 – Greater engagement


 – 3D high tech environment

 – Product integration

 – Brand personalization

 – Videos, Photos, Animations

 – Working on mob/web/tablet

 – Data Analytics + Heat maps

 – Interactive points

 – Payment process

 – Voice communication + Chat

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