Stunning virtual space designed in the Metaverse, showcasing futuristic architecture and interactive digital elements.

Virtual Spaces in Metaverse

Discover the future of electric vehicle shopping with the London Electric Centre’s virtual showroom, exclusively designed by Metaversify. Step into an immersive virtual space tailored to enhance the EV buying experience through interactive and engaging Metaverse technology. This collaborative project not only redefines how customers interact with EVs but also sets a new standard in digital customer engagement for the automotive industry.

What we did

Design, Development



  • Immersive Virtual Showroom: Explore London Electric Centre’s range of electric vehicles in a fully interactive 3D environment, enabling customers to experience EVs like never before.
  • Enhanced Customer Interaction: Engage with digital replicas of EVs that offer deep dives into features, specifications, and sustainability benefits, all within the virtual space.
  • Real-Time Customization: Customize your EV preferences in real-time, from color to features, and see instant updates in a dynamic virtual setting.
  • Educational Content Integration: Learn about the benefits of going electric through integrated educational modules within the virtual showroom, promoting informed purchasing decisions.
  • Remote Accessibility: Access the virtual showroom from anywhere in the world, bringing a seamless shopping experience to global customers without the need to visit a physical location.
  • Eco-Friendly Engagement: Experience an environmentally friendly approach to car shopping that aligns with the ethos of electric vehicle consumption and reduced carbon footprint.


Enable seamless, immersive virtual meetings.

Efficiently connect teams and clients in a dynamic virtual environment.


 – Global Connectivity

 – Immersive Experience

 – Time Savings

 – Spatial Awareness

 – Productivity


 – Integration with Virtual Assets

 – Shared Virtual Environments

 – Gesture Recognition

 – Spatial Audio

 – 3D Avatars


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