Marketing professional presenting a new product in a virtual reality environment, using VR technology for enhanced customer engagement.

Revolutionize Product Presentations with VR/AR/MR

Virtual presentation of 3D pump model and animations to captivate potential clients while also providing informative insights into product details.



The project involves enhancing an existing application by importing a 3D model of a new pump, complete with animations, labeling, and interactive features, serving as a virtual showroom and educational tool to showcase pump functionality and components through interactive animations and serve as a learning resource for events and client demonstrations.


The brief

Our client sought an innovative approach to effectively showcase a new pump at events without needing a physical presence and integrate it with an existing application, creating an interactive and educational showroom for their potential clients.

What we did

Design, Development





VR headset


Safe & realistic environment to showcase the product.

Virtual simulation empowers a highly engaging 'learn-by-doing' approach, closely mirroring real-life conditions.


– High Engagement 

– Cost Savings

– Global Accessibility

– Realistic Learning

– Competitive Edge


– 3D Interactivity

– Immersive Experience

– Safety

– Scalability

– Interactive Product Demonstrations


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